ITV calls for ad-skip speed limit on Freeview PVR

Link: ITV calls for ad-skip speed limit on Freeview PVR – BR Bulletin – Advertising, Marketing, Media and PR news by Email – Brand Republic

ITV is clearly in a bad way – and this really smacks of desperation: "ITV has insisted that Freeview Playback boxes should be able to
fast-forward at a maximum of 16 times the normal playback speed. This
compares with 32 times for Sky+ and up to 64 times on other PVR systems."

Do they seriously think by restricting the fast forward speed on a Freeview PVR that this somehow will help them maintain advertising revenue?

The genie is out of the bottle.

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  1. with 30x you welcome the station idents because it’s easy to go past the begining and have to go back and watch the last advert… that’s how we see the adverts we see, apart from the ones we stop to watch; could PVRs promote quality in adverts?


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