Are We Sharing Too Much Information via Social Media? | PBS

MediaShift . Our Voyeuristic World::Are We Sharing Too Much Information via Social Media? | PBS.

Good piece from Jennifer Woodard Maderazo – especially this comment:

Would clients be less likely to hire me because they know, through my
blogging, what my political views are? Would a suitor have second
thoughts if they found out, via LastFM ,
that my musical tastes mirror a late night Time-Life infomercial? Would
a potential employer not call back because — perhaps worse of all —
they see that I spend way too much time online, constantly updating the
world about the banal details of my life?

My LastFM stations are often used as the background music in the office ie I’m not actually at my desk listening to what is being selected – so my apparent musical taste may not reflect what I really do like – or listen to.


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