Dan Illett wins best freelance journo award

Danny Bradbury was robbed,

Microsoft/Stoermhoek win first award…

..for best triumph in face of adversity.

Hugh  McCleod strangely not around to collect the award – but Phil Devery from Microsoft was.

Collecting the gong, he said: "It had fuck all to do with me."


How to get coverage on BBC Click with Chris Long

Knock a glass of champagne over him. Congrats to the PR who did that a few moments ago – barely 8pm and already people falling over – marvelous!

And ex-colleague Nicky Alvey asked me to mention the porn tree – apparently it will mean something to people who worked at Brodeur in the late 90s.

Anyway – we are all waiting breathlessly for the awards to begin.

Drink count: +2 glasses of wine.

Early doors @ fhacks

Early doors @ fhacks

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Flackenhacks – let battle commence

So here we are at the inaugural Flackenhack awards in the ultra chic Audi showroom in Piccadilly. Peter Kirwan is nervous and TWL is off down the pub – sounds about right. 200 tickets sold, so this really is the only PR show in town tonight. The excitement is, well, palpable. And the Pretenders are playing on PA system – perfect.   

More news as guests arrive.

BTW – the keyboards on the PCs are very cool,shiny and metallic – and difficult to type on. Get my excuse in early.

Drink count: one glass of champagne.

Flackenhack Awards tonight – pix assured

Test pic

Making sure I can upload pix from my mobile in preparation for capturing incriminating evidence at tonight’s Flackenhack Awards. See you there!

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