Astronaut, not PR, number 2 choice of career for UK jobseekers

It (sort of) says here.

In fact, PR doesn’t appear anywhere in the list of 10 ten jobs.

Running your own business is number one.

Least favourite jobs were politicians, plumbers and dentistry.

In addition, the Reed Employment sponsored survey found that: "despite the increased pressures upon companies to improve their brand
image and act in a social responsibility (tut, tut, where was the proof reader) way, corporate reputation has
very little influence over a job seeker. Just 6% of respondents would
select a company because of its corporate social responsibility
programmes and only 2% stated they would be swayed by an employer’s
brand image."

Perhaps all those references to PR supporting brand building for recruitment purposes need to removed from agency credentials?

Prick with a fork

This was actually sold in supermarkets – allegedly – until someone twigged….


The most useful website – ever

Someone just sent me a link to VideoJug – what a mine of useful information. See the current top 10 videos below – you get the idea

  1. How To Get Out Of A Car Without Showing Your Knickers
  2. How To Kiss Someone Passionately
  3. How To Tie A Tie – Full Windsor Knot
  4. How To Fold A T-Shirt In 2 Seconds
  5. How To Undo Her Bra With One Hand
  6. How To Be The Perfect Girlfriend
  7. How To Fold A T-Shirt In 2 Seconds – Explained
  8. How To Create A Smoky Eye Effect
  9. How To Seduce Your Boss
  10. How To Perform The Perfect Golf Sw

Five things you didn’t know about me

Unlike Sally Whittle, I haven’t been memed yet re: five things you don’t know about me.

But why should that stop me?

Here’s my contribution:

1. I was a dressing room assistant for Rudolph Nureyev (for the Paris Opera Ballet company)
2. I’ve been a keyboard player for Mick Jagger (albeit a computer keyboard).
3. My wife and I were married by a blacksmith.
4. Although I grew up in Scotland, I was born in the traditional centre of England (Meriden, nr Coventry)
5. The first person I photographed and interviewed as a journalist was Eddy Shah, the then proprietor of the Today newspaper.

Peter Judge: IT Anthems revived

I could do with a laugh – so thanks to Peter Judge for providing one:

Peter Judge: IT Anthems revived

You do have to wonder what possesses people to think that these corporate anthems will be taken remotely seriously by anyone. Surely any self respecting prospect would think twice about buying products or services from companies that would lend their names to these?

And further kudos to Peter for unearthing this – a never thought I’d live to see the day when someone wrote a rock song about Two Factor Authentication – where’s Spinal Tap when you need em?

Now that’s what I call a Kodak moment!

The perfect antidote to a cold, grey London afternoon – big thumbs up to Kodak for putting a bit of humour into marcomms.

And thanks to the lads and lasses at Rainier PR for putting us on to this one.

15 Rules For Clients

Matt Homann has posted his "15 rules for clients" manifesto here – substitute PR for lawyer, and I think many of the principles remain the same.

On the subject of manifestos, check out Gaping Void – a cornucopia of the things.

Lap dances are not expensible

Happy New Year to everyone – a bit of humour to kick off 2007 here.

Many thanks as always to Dennis Howlett  for finding these gems.

Merry Xmas from Object Towers

I won’t be giving up the day job to become a Santa impersonator…..

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to my small but loyal readership.

Here’s to more blogging in 2007.


Web 2.0 poster child poster

Hat tip to Valleywag on this one – neat:

From eBoy, the Berlin
creators of some of Wired Magazine’s graphics: a simcity in which all
the billboards and signs display the brands of web companies. Google,
Yahoo, Youtube, Technorati, Blogger, Odeo. It’s a wonderful graphic,
but web entrepreneurs already live in a world of their own daydreams;
immersed in a 3D simulation, they might never unplug. The full

Eby Foobar 35T

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